Peace House Donations!

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This holiday season we are collecting donations for Peace House, Ypsi. Below you can learn all about them and what they do. We have a bin in our lobby for collecting donations here is a list of the items they need:

Hand & Foot Warmers

Cold weather accessories (scarves, gloves, hats, etc)

Thermal Underwear

Heavy Sweatshirts in large sizes

Coats in large sizes

Socks & Underwear for men and women

Feminine Hygiene Supplies

Men’s & Women’s Razors

Hair & Body Care Items


Bath Towels

Costco/Sam’s club brand laundry detergent pods


We will be delivering all donations to Peace House on December 23rd



Peace House, Ypsi is a “House of Hospitality” in the tradition of Dorothy Day, and the Catholic Worker movement. Working in partnership with Mercy House (our sister “House of Hospitality” in Ann Arbor) we are a community providing hospitality to those on the margins of society, and building the world we envision by living in it. The Catholic Worker movement was founded in 1933 by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin in New York City to promote mercy, compassion, justice and love. The movement has spread far and wide; over 150 Catholic Worker communities, from Idaho to Australia, serve those in need in their neighborhoods.

Where We’re Located:

We are located in a quiet, Ypsi neighborhood in what’s known as the “South Prospect” neighborhood of Ypsilanti. Our home is located kitty-corner to Packard Health, as well as Community Mental Health Services. We are able to be reached by the city bus line, though services are limited in the evenings and on weekends.

What We Do:

We provide short-term overnight respite to those experiencing homelessness.

We provide live-in hospitality for extended stays to bridge guests to a better situation.

We provide “weather amnesty” during harsh weather conditions, inviting those who would otherwise be outside to sleep indoors.

During ‘open hours’, guests can shower, do their laundry, get a snack or a meal – but most importantly be in “community” with one another.

We plan to offer a micro-loan program geared toward helping individuals gain the tools and resources to get back on their feet, and push past the barriers which prohibit them from being gainfully employed. eg: providing funds for work boots and uniforms, the cost of a bus pass, money for car repairs.

“Be a good neighbor” is important to us at Peace House. We have a “Little Free Library” in our front yard. We plan to establish a tool-lending program for our friends and neighbors, and we eventually hope to establish a “Community Garden” for the larger community.

We provide resources and information on how our friends can best access the necessary support services they require in their own journey.

We provide support to those involved in the criminal justice system, as well as their family and friends.

We organize and host educational events, specifically focusing on heath and wellness. We recently started a “Fierce and Fabulous Peace House Womyn’s Group” with an enthusiastic group of six women… and growing. 🙂

We create opportunities for our guests, often on the receiving end, to “give back” through community service projects, work days and volunteer opportunities.

Finally, PHY strives to incorporate the core values of Peace, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Service and Love in all that we do. We seek to be a home which works with the wider community in which we find ourselves – to attempt to meet the needs of that community while providing aid and support.