Editorial Photoshoot


Yesterday our stylists Addison and Brenda got to step out of the salon and experience something new.

They were the hairstylist and makeup artist for a photo shoot by Jean-Claude.  Addison was referred to Jean Claude by a client who loves his in salon style. Brenda is one of our salon’s talented makeup artists.

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Photo shoots are a great chance for salon artists to experience and design cutting edge fashion. Editorial photo shoots feature different styles and techniques than are usually used in salon work. Working with a professional photographer comes with an opportunity to see your work in print.



Working outside the salon has its own unique challenges and opportunities.



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The photo shoot was a real team effort! Here’s Addison and Brenda with the model, stylist and photographer’s assistant.



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 The most rewarding part of a shoot is watching everything –hair, makeup, style and photography- come together to make art.

Watch for updates! Addison plans to collaborate with Jean-Claude again soon.