Saline Middle School Career Day

Cathy's Blog - Stiletto Maintenance

Thursday, November 4th, Brown & DeLine had the privilege of presenting at Saline Middle School Career Day.


The day was a huge success! Our group spoke to about 75 students about the beauty industry. We shared our stories of working in a busy, successful salon. We also showed a few quick braiding techniques on lucky volunteers.

When the students first entered the classroom, we were all standing in the front of the room while we blared a popular song. We stood still while they all got settled. After a few seconds I explained the importance of a first impression. I pointed out that in less than 9 seconds, they had decided what they thought about us. They had already formed ideas about how the next 25 minutes would be. I explained that even in 8th grade, they are making first impressions every day and will for the rest of their lives. Your appearance and the vibe you give off matter.


The students were very receptive and asked a lot of great questions. We broke up the session with a little music. We had everyone stand up. Our own Brenda got everyone doing ‘the whip’.

We ended each session with a gift bag for each student filled with Brown and DeLine lotion, chapstick and a free haircut gift certificate.


It was a great day to be a Saline Hornet!