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As hairdressers, we have unique relationships with our clients. We are often friends and confidants in addition to trusted beauty professionals. ‘Like therapists, hair dressers are in a position of trust’, says Tabatha Coffey. Client relationships are a delicate balance of caring and advising; of being friends and telling hard truths.  We are tasked with helping people ‘look at themselves with a twinkle in their eye’ quipped Vidal Sassoon. We also need to make a living while doing it.

Many hairdressers balk at the idea of ‘selling retail’. We work with our staff to change the mindset of ‘selling things’. We strive to listen to clients to find their need and offer home care products to fill their need. We aren’t ‘sales people’. We are well educated, experienced, beauty professionals who know our clients are a living endorsement showcasing our art and skill.

How do we find the need and fill the need? It’s both the easiest and hardest thing we do. We have to listen to the client as a friend would and also hear their unspoken message. We aim to keep the conversation in the chair professional and about their hair. Our clients will tell us what they need without ever saying ‘this is what I need’.

If we hear a client say ‘I can never make my hair look as good at home’, we know that is not a compliment. That client is saying they have a need for styling assistance and different home care products. We offer styling tips, often having the client show us how they handle the hot tools. We also offer recommendations on products that help the client achieve a salon fabulous look at home.

Is your client pregnant? Congratulations!  Now listen for comments on changes to their hair or scalp. They will need home care items to help manage the changes. Once the baby is here, they may need another change in home care products as their body gets back to its new normal. Also, be prepared with tips on the best dry shampoo option and how to rock a messy bun!

We hear about lots of major life events from our clients. Our clients love us to be compassionate and caring. They count on us to honest and their beauty expert.

We believe this delicate balance of friendship and expertise keeps our clients loyal and purchasing retail.