School’s IN for summer

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We have found the KEY to to success.


We devoted a whole chapter in our book, Thrive, to Lifelong Learning. In the beauty industry, things are continually growing and changing. Styles and trends change quicker than ever with the growth of social media. Products and services are continually improving. Everything old is new again- and always with a modern twist. To stay at the top of our game, we bring in industry educators as often as possible.

We were fortunate enough to have been able to schedule two great classes in the same week.

Alexis from Brazilian Blowout taught a great class on this amazing smoothing treatment. She performed the full service on a live model to gives us tips and pointers to help us perfect and personalize each step of the process to our clients’ specific needs. We also learned how the Brazilian Blowout line of professional products enhances the benefits of the service and extends the time the treatment lasts.

We learned that the Brazilian Blowout service actually improves the condition of your hair as it smooths and lessens frizz. We were excited to learn the treatment can cut your blow dry time in half!

Many of our stylists are Brazilian Blowout certified. We would love to share our expertise with you. Talk to your stylist to see if a Brazilian Blowout would work for your hair.

The second class we had was Moroccan Oil’s Knottworks. If you check out social media at all, you know that braids are trending quickly. The most popular braids are not the three strand “right over middle, left over middle” that a lot of us grew up with. Fish tails, halos, mohawk, New York , 4 and 5 strand braids – the possibilities for braided styles are limited only by our imaginations.



The Knottworks educator, Angela, taught us great ways to incorporate braids into styles both formal and casual. We learned about the best products to keep your hair healthy and shiny and keep your braid looking great.

We look forward to sharing our braiding expertise with you!

We have classes taught by our in house educators scheduled every week for the rest of the summer. We love to share our knowledge and experience to help the whole team be their best.

Our next class with an industry educator is scheduled for fall. We look forward to sharing Wella’s fall trends with you!