Serious Business – By Elaina Dewey

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Serious Business is a conference held annually in New Orleans. It is the gathering of like-minded people and leaders in the beauty industry, who are driven to develop skills of self, leadership and best business practices. The purpose of the conference is to expose, evoke, and evolve our thinking. This will in turn result in helping individuals grow and our businesses reach their highest potential.

As professionals in the beauty industry, we love meeting fellow stylists and sharing ideas to take back to our team.

Serious Business had a great theme this year – “Pivot – Making Your Move While Keeping Your Center. Brown & DeLine’s theme this year is “Back to Basics” so it fits perfectly with Pivoting into 2018.

The four day conference was filled with different activities. We enjoyed a hair show the first evening. There were main-stage speakers and breakout sessions and many opportunities to network. The final event was the Salon Today 200 awards.


Main stage speakers and breakout speakers ranged from health and wellness speakers, to coaches and psychologists, corporation presidents, and more. Each speaker presented their own version of pivoting in a unique way that we can apply both personally and professionally.

My favorite speaker was Dr. Robert Cialdini. He shared his six universal principles of social influence. He taught us how to get others to say “YES!” in a way we can feel good about.

He talked a lot about smiling. Smiling is a simple act that makes a huge impact on basic interaction. He referred to a smile as touch in the distance. Dr. Cialdini focused on the value of genuine emotions and intentions. A real smile carries more value than a fake smile – our brain instantly can tell the two apart. His advice? Always find a reason to smile. Every person has a unique gift to share with the world. Thinking of your own will always give you a reason to smile.

The simplest pieces of advice can have a huge impact.

We can’t wait for the next conference!