Shear Holiday Madness is back!

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Back in December we launched a huge Customer Appreciation Campaign, called Shear Holiday Madness.

It was so popular that we are bringing it back this July for the entire month. So get ready! Make sure you have our App downloaded and your push notifications on!

If you missed the December campaign, here’s how it works:

  • Each day we will offer 1-2 services completely free.
  • Each service will be available at a specific time and with a specific employee.
  • You must book the appointment through the app

Here’s the catch-

You MUST be fast! If you click the appointment and it doesn’t allow you to book it, someone beat you to it. Don’t worry though we will have at least one of these free services available every day for the month of July so you’ll have plenty of chances of getting one of these amazing deals.

The services will be random and different every day so make sure to check your app often!


Happy Independence Day!