Six questions stylists WANT you to ask them

Team B.a.D.

Ever walk into a salon overwhelmed by all the different products, services and styles to choose from?

Afraid to ask too many questions?

We asked our stylists, estheticians and nail technicians for a few questions they would LOVE for you to ask.

Here are the Top Six

1. Which products are best for me? How and when should I be using them?

Stylists want you to ask these questions for many reasons. Most importantly, so you can repeat the salon fabulous look they give you in the salon when you are at home.  Also it’s their to keep your hair, nails, and skin happy and healthy between visits. Also, we want you to get the most bang for your buck and not spend your  money on products that won’t work for you. Professional products really do make a difference.

2. How long should I wait between visits?

This question is so important! It is especially important if you are making a change to your look. Your stylist will tell you when you should come back to maintain your current look.

3. What is the appropriate shape for my hair or nails?

A stylist’s job is to give you the best look for you. With each client they tailor their services according to what looks best on you, how you’d like to maintain your look, and current trends.

4. What are the new trends?

Guess what? Most stylists are in the know about what’s new. Now, every new trend might not be right for you but they love to try new things with their clients. Whether it’s a new trend or just new for you.

5. What are the benefits of a facial?

A lot of people only know facials as pampering and relaxing and making your skin look and feel pretty. Our talented esthetics team knows that’s not quite all of it. Estheticians are here to help your skin be healthy. Not only do they perform services on you, but they also help look for signs of cancer. I’ve had many clients tell me how surprised they were that their esthetician found something. You may know your skin, but they look at your skin through a glass magnifier, so they may see something long before you do.

6. How long should my hair be in order to get waxed?

Similar to question 2, since the answer varies from client to client. All hair grows at different rates on different people. Your hair may be ready in three weeks, but your best friend’s might have to wait another week or so. In order for the wax to adhere to the hair and pull out of the follicle cleanly, it needs to be ¼in long, or a ‘pinch’ worth. Our quick tip is if you can pinch your hair between your fingers, you’re ready for your appointment. To get the best waxing experience, make sure your hair is ready before you come in.