Skin Maintenance by Jaycee


Having well manicured nails will make anyone feel like a superstar, especially since being pampered is something we don’t take enough time to do these days.  When receiving these amazing services we all want the results to last as long as they can so proper home care is a must, especially the skin around the nails and hands.

Using a Milky Hand Wash won’t dry your skin out.  The clearer the cleanser, the more drying it will be.  Avoid Hand Wash that has the harsh chemical Triclosan (often marked ‘Antibacterial’) which can lead to early chipping of the polish.  Instead look for ingredients such as Tea Tree Oil or Eucalyptus.  When using a Sanitizer make sure to use a moisturizing hand lotion to counteract the dehydration that can occur.  Try one like CND’s Almond Lotion that has their signature scent and oil, Solar Oil, in the lotion for deep hydration for both the skin and nails.  Sunscreen is a must for the hands as well!  Besides the face, our hands are more easily prone to pre-mature aging due to sun exposure and dehydration.  Glymed has a wonderful SPF 15 & 30 for the face that can be used on the hands as well.  Moroccan Oil also has an amazing SPF 15, 30 & 50 for the body with their signature scent as well as hydration with the Argon Oil like in many of their body products.

Men also need to make sure they take proper care of the skin on their hands. Hands that look like they could rope a steer or lift a heavy bale of hay may be sexy, but dry and cracked skin or ragged fingernails definitely are not. Soap is the best choice if your hands get very dirty. For really dirty or greasy hands, choose soap with pumice, which makes the bar more abrasive for deeper cleaning. Be sure to dry your hands thoroughly with a towel after washing. Water, when it evaporates, removes moisture from the skin. After drying your hands, apply a moisturizing cream, lotion, or gel. Creams, which are the thickest form of moisturizer, are best for very dry skin. Lotions are fine for normal skin. Skin toners or gels are best for oily skin. Make sure to massage a little moisturizer around the nails and into cuticles to keep them from drying out. If your hands tend to get chapped and irritated, look for a moisturizer with aloe. Studies show that aloe can speed healing of cuts and even burns. Look for a product that contains sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30, or spread on a little sunscreen on the back of your hands after you use hand lotion. The backs of your hands are one of the first places age spots appear. Using sunscreen every day can help prevent age spots.

Luckily both men and women can use the same body care products to help maintain proper hydration and sun protection of their hands and nails.  If you had any questions don’t hesitate to ask any of our talented and educated Nail Technicians for recommendations.