Social Media-The Double Edged Sword

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Social Media has really made the world a smaller place. I used to believe in 6 degrees of separation. Now, thanks to Facebook, Myspace, blogs and twitter, I think it’s more like 2 degrees! Knowing everything that is going on with people and never having to talk to them is quite a phenomenon!

The opportunity to converse with people any time day or night is SO convenient!

The downside to this kind of communication is that people are much quicker to ‘pull the trigger’ on words they would NEVER say to someone face-to-face. You can just text your thoughts or opinions, hit send and there it is. The message is sent with no tone. It’s there for the receiver to interpret. It is sent with the only repercussion being you may or may not get a text back.

A friend of mine recently received a text — It’s over. Yes, that is how his spineless girlfriend broke up with him. Who does that!? A coward, that’s who!

In the Brown and DeLine world, we work really hard to put positive P.R. out into the world. We give to most charities, we commit to tons of events, we cut off miles of hair of for Locks of Love. We have made a 5-year commitment to Ele’s Place. We have held golf events, bridal shows, run 5Ks, shaved cancer fighters, sponsored free spa nights. You name it-we’ve done it.

All of this was done to positively impact the community we love.

So, you can imagine my shock after I googled Brown and DeLine Salon and found a handful of extremely negative reviews. I couldn’t believe it! It seemed like there were hundreds (actually, only about 5 in all).

What surprised me the most was that these people had had an unsatisfactory experience at my salon and opted to put it on the internet rather than to give me a call or send me an email. We guarantee our work and stand behind it 100%. But you have to give us the opportunity to fix it. I can’t fix it if I don’t know about it!

I think the reality check here is that if you can’t say it to someone’s face, you probably shouldn’t say it at all.

Mke it a gr8 dy! : )