Stamp 2018

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Last year we entered into Salon Today’s Stamp Marketing contest.

We did a social media campaign where each one of us shared our one word gift we share with the world each day. We won in the social media marketing platform for Stamp 2017! You can read that article here. We were so excited we had to enter in again.

Last fall Cathy interviewed to become a member of Intercoiffure. It was requested that all salon owners come with a portfolio. In which we had to create, being a salon owner it’s something that’s often overlooked. Naturally, we had to enter that into this year’s Stamp contest. We just sent in our application on the 15th and are anxiously awaiting to hear the results. Below is our essay that we had to send in along with a physical copy of Cathy’s Portfolio.

I recently became a member of Intercoiffure. For part of the interview process, I was asked to bring a portfolio. As a salon owner of 23 years, it was something I had never done. I quickly enlisted the help from my Marketing Director, Tiffany Kailimai. She did an outstanding job and I now keep it updated. I would recommend anyone doing this.

-Cathy Brown-Issel, owner

Print marketing is definitely my forte. It is why I was particularly excited to do this project. It was more than just a piece of paper. A full booklet that brought to life some of the amazing qualities of Cathy and our salon. A portfolio can mean many things. Most put together individual pieces of paper and assemble them in a nice, neat 3-ring binder.

I, instead, enlisted the help of Pinterest, to show my idea of what a portfolio should look like. We are a high-end salon and spa; our portfolio, especially Cathy’s, should reflect that. This was intended for a one-time use. A booklet Cathy could hand out to each board member of Intercoiffure showcasing why Brown & DeLine would fit perfectly into this amazing organization.

This portfolio was printed at a local print shop, Print Tech. We believe in supporting our local businesses whenever possible. We had originally ordered 6 booklets. Cathy returned from her interview with only one remaining, we quickly made some adjustments and ordered 5 more. In total we spent $376 on the printing. We now bring these portfolios along with us when we attend conferences, career days and classes. It is an invaluable way to showcase Cathy and Brown & DeLine Salon.

-Tiffany Kailimai, marketing director