Team Building Retreat

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On June 6, 14 members of the Brown and DeLine Team headed to South Beach Miami for a team building weekend at the Loew’s Hotel.

Upon arrival at the hotel, we were escorted to our suites where we began a fun-filled weekend of laughing, sunning and night-life.

The #1 tip for success on this trip was for each person to be responsible for their own happiness. Mission was accomplished! The biggest challenge of the day was to keep the floating sunbathers facing the sun and flipping every 30 minutes for that perfect tan. We repeated this for 10 hours! By 10pm, everyone was in their club attire and our destination was the Mansion.

It was ladies night, so 12 of us got in free-just 2 had to pay. Josh didn’t mind paying, afterall, it was his 21st birthday! And did we celebrate!

Day 2 was just as successful! Everyone was down at the pool by noon. It was 110 degrees. We all resumed sunbathing positions. A second birthday party took place under the Tiki bar for Josh. We all checked out the 2 latest tattoos that were received 6 hours prior. All were accounted for; all were happy.

That evening we decided to eat out. We ended up at a famous Italian restaurant where 6 authentic waiters were at our beck and call. One waiter was so star struck by Jackie G’s beauty he couldn’t talk! He asked her if she was a model. Then I believe he proposed to her! She immediately had a facebook fan to say the least!

On the last day, everyone was back at the pool with their matching bikinis, sarongs, flip-flops and earrings, brainstorming our departure. The plan was for everyone to shower then meet at a team huddle in the hotel bar. We made sure everyone was there, the hotel manager thanked us for our business, and we headed to the airport. We made a quick stop o the way at the retail store Dash, owned by the famous Kardashians.

Before we knew it, we were back in Detroit. Everyone piled in our limo/bus, and we were on our way back to the salon. The whole way home we laughed and giggled about the trip. Reminiscing about the past 3 days. All the laughs and the friendships made. All the politics solved by by me, Kara and Andrea. The continuous facebooking by Aimee (eventhough I threatened the life of her blackberry!).

The benefits and rewards from that weekend have been continuous. The old saying ‘A team that plays together, stays together’ is so true. I would compare it to a 14 person honeymoon! We had fun, we hung out, we relaxed, and everyone likes each other a whole lot more.

It was truly a team building retreat.