Technology – by Tiffany

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We are constantly trying to keep up with the ever changing technology world. We work as a team to explore new opportunities to connect with our clients, new and current. We have our basic tools we use day to day to book appointments, check out clients, track sales, etc. We use Millennium software to help us do all that and much more. We utilize many avenues to grow and expand our business, such as Demandforce, our website, our blog, social media outlets, and Constant Contact (e-mail marketing), along with a few in salon tools to show our clientele the ways we are staying educated and informed in the beauty industry.

A new tool we have recently added to our business is Zeezor. In January, some of our team members attended the Serious Business Conference in New Orleans. It was there that Zeezor was presented to us. As you may know, Zeezor is a mobile app for salon employees and business owners. It keeps track of retail sales and service sales, and compares yourself against the stylist you were last year. It’s a great motivating tool to have right at our fingertips.

As with all new products, services, and productivity tools, Zeezor was introduced at our huddle. Huddle is a weekly meeting where we talk about our numbers, any news, new products, and any other business for the week. Anytime we have something new we want to explore we bring it to huddle. A couple of us try it out and then report back at our next huddle. With Zeezor it was an easy yes. A lot of us here aren’t exactly numbers people. Being able to keep track of our sales on a daily basis without having to think about it makes our professional life so much easier.

Tracking your numbers, goals, and work hours is an important step to take your career to the next level. That is something we all learn very quickly working here. If you don’t start out as a numbers person when you hire in, you will be shortly. Zeezor takes a seemingly complicated task and breaks it down into easily manageable bits. We are able to see our totals daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. Both retail and service sales are at our fingertips. Breaking down our goals and accomplishing them, and seeing the green numbers next to our name is an amazing motivator.

Technology is a driving force for any business. It’s one we’ve embraced with open arms. Anytime a new idea comes our way, we will discuss it. If it seems like it may be worth a try, we try it. The key is stay informed and up to date, and technology can pay off for you in a big way.