The Hair Cycle


We at Brown and DeLine are all about sharing our knowledge and expertise. We feel the more information you have on the science behind what we do as stylists the better. Sharing this knowledge can help you understand what to expect from your hair and how to best take care of it. We want you to be as informed as possible so you can have the best salon experience and best hair ever.
With that being said, I am writing today about the growth process of hair.

Do you ever wonder why you lose so much hair? Why your hair is thin or coarse or thick or fine? Why you need a haircut every four weeks, but your friend is fine for six weeks? This should help answer questions.
And now, to the science.


There are 3 stages of hair growth, Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen.

Each hair on your head is always in one of these 3 phases. Fortunately, they are not all in the same stage at once!

Anagen: The growth phase.




This is the active phase of the cycle where the hair grows about ½ an inch a month. Some people have hair that grows faster or much slower. The rate of hair growth can be slightly affected by the time of year and your ethnicity. A hair stays in the active growth phase 2-6 years. Of course, hair growing for 2 years doesn’t have the chance to grow as long as a hair that grows 6 years. Hair in this phase is being ‘fed’ by tiny blood vessels in the follicle of the hair (the part of the hair under the scalp).

The anagen phase can be altered by medications, changes to your diet and stress.




Catagen: The Transitional Phase



After 2-6 years of active growth, a hair follicle retires. Don’t worry, you have about 100,000 or so on your head.

During this time, the hair detaches from its food source and starts to loosen in the follicle. Catagen lasts 1-2 weeks.






 Telogen: The Resting Phase



In this stage the hair rests 5-6 weeks before falling out. On average we lose 80-100 hairs a day. That’s seems like a lot when you see it in your brush and in the shower. This is perfectly normal. Anything more than 100 hairs a day is considered excessive. If you feel you are losing more hair than is normal, talk to your hairdresser. They are very familiar with the look and feel of your hair. Any concerns about excessive hair loss should be discussed with a medical professional.





So, to answer the big question – “What can I do to keep my hair growing (in the anagen phase)?”

The science says – it’s mostly in your genes. Some people just have great hair. Reducing stress and keeping a healthy lifestyle help, though.

We at the salon say  – it’s mostly up to YOU and your stylist!  We are experts on helping you find the best style and maintenance regime to keep your hair looking its best.  A great cut and colors can make your hair look great! This blog recently featured Extreme Lengths by Redken. We also carry treatments by Nioxin and Rogaine to help with hair growth.