Thrive is here!

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I am so proud to announce that Brown & DeLine Business Consultants has written and published a book!

Our book, titled Thrive, will be available for purchase in early December – just in time for the holidays.

thrive cover


Thrive is the work of 18 authors, all of whom have worked for Brown & DeLine Salon. Our book was written to inspire and to teach new beauty professionals our best practices for success. Each chapter was written by 1 or 2 beauty professionals who gave their interpretation of what makes our team award winning leaders in the industry.

These chapters and the information in them is what we live and breathe at Brown & DeLine Salon. We hope to inspire our readers to be the best version of themselves and to help elevate the level of professionalism in our industry.

I am grateful to my team who bought into this book idea and took the time to commit and follow through on it. They are truly amazing!

The chapters can be read in any order. They cover all aspects of building a successful business in the beauty industry. It starts with dreaming big, being positive and letting go of the past. It then covers marketing, customer service, change and committing to lifelong learning.

What makes our book unique and one of a kind is that it’s written by beauty professionals – for beauty professionals.

Happy Reading!

Make it a great day!