TiGi Education


We were so excited to be able to send 4 of our hairdressers to the  Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy in Dallas.

TiGi is shaping the future of  education – and we got to experience it!

Emmy, Addison, Shannon and  Kelli attended the TiGi Academy on September 30 and October 1.

Kelli showed us a great  long layered curl enhancing cut. She also learned a great new ombre technique.
She appreciated the technical cutting skills that were taught.

Addison was excited to learn six cuts and six color techniques. He showed us a fun shaggy bob called the Francesca. He enjoyed the focus on technical skills as well.

Shannon enjoyed the chance  to see the latest cuts and colors. She is looking forward to using some of the
technical skills that she learned.

Emmy was impressed with  the new techniques for performing ombre color. She learned a faster and more
precise way to color the hair. She is looking forward to using this great new  technique here in the salon.

This great educational  opportunity was earned when we were named the top TiGi salon in the area. The  whole salon worked together to achieve this goal. This team earned the  opportunity by having the best performance during our recent sales contest.

Be sure to ask them about  their trip on your next visit!

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