Tips for a Great Color Service




 We’ve seen the transformation – deep rich brown to blonde bombshell. What we don’t get to see is that this transformation is not a single process or single trip to the salon.

It’s a Journey

Lightening hair is a process that will most likely take more than one application. A person with dark hair has more underlying pigments (such as red and gold) that will begin to surface as the hair color is lifting, or lightening. Going blonde is a commitment as well as an investment, so achieving your desired shade will depend on the amount of time and money you are willing to spend in the salon. We are excited to now offer the innovative Olaplex formula that allows hair to be lightened without compromising its integrity.

Ask your stylist about Olaplex before your next color service! It is amazing!


The Color Wheel

Think back to elementary school art class, when you learned to paint using the color wheel. Hair designers use the color wheel to formulate the best color for you. The colors that are across from each other on the wheel are complementary, meaning they neutralize one another. Red is used to cancel out green tones, blue eliminates orange, violet gets rid of yellow – you get the picture! Toners and toning shampoos can be used to eliminate unwanted hues in the hair, too. Getting the perfect hair color is a little science, a little art and a lot of skill!

Taking Care of Your Hair

Your activities play a huge role in the outcome of your hair color. One big thing that can affect your hair is the use of boxed dyes that contain metallic salts. Applying oxidizing hair color over these built-up chemicals can cause an unpleasant reaction. Yikes! We recommend leaving hair coloring to the professionals. Some medications like those for like diabetes, high blood pressure and thyroid issues can affect your hair. Another big thing is the water your hair is exposed to. The heavy minerals from hard water and chlorine chemicals in swimming pools can strip color from hair and cause unwanted tones. This chemical build up can damage your hair and cause undesirable results when coloring.

Home Care

Your home care routine is just as important as what happens in the salon. To keep your color fresh and looking good, try to avoid washing your hair every day. Have you tried a dry shampoo? It can be a great way to stretch your time between shampoos. Also, switch to a sulfate-free shampoo/conditioner. We  like Moroccanoil. Your stylist can help you find a great, professional cleanser and conditioner that is best for you.