Training Leaders

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dsc_1456I was recently asked to describe our salon in one word. After several minutes of going through the usual list of team, commitment, thriving, gratitude…. My one word was leadership.

I have always felt strongly about professional and personal development. My philosophy is if you help enough people become successful that you, yourself, will be successful.

My team and I work really hard all year making this happen. We have developed our programs so well that most often when employees leave Brown & DeLine, it’s to follow their dream of opening their own salon.

Our Leadership Training offers four opportunities for professional growth and development:

– Personal visioning

– Mentoring and coaching

– Our salon developed FOCUS coaching program

– Our new Legacy Leaders team

Every January I meet individually with my team members for an annual review. During this time we discuss progress from the previous year, set goals for the next year, and review a self-evaluation. Our main focus is their one year vision of success. Our form of visioning is to write about a future where everything they want to accomplish in the coming year has already happened.

It has been proven that if you write down your goals, you are more likely to accomplish them. I love to see my teams aspirations come to fruition.

I also have monthly mentoring/coaching times with my team. Coaching is offered to all employees. I require all new talent to attend. We have developed a great tracking sheet that helps us track and set goals in 4 areas of development – professional, financial, personal and lifestyle. More detailed information about our coaching program is in chapter 10 of our book Thrive.

It is rewarding to see the results of setting and reaching goals. We have all learned that accomplishing small goals leads to accomplishing large goals.

Our third opportunity for creating leaders is our FOCUS coaching group. FOCUS is an acronym for Follow One Course Until Successful. During this 6 week course, participants start by taking the StrengthFinder 2.0 assessment where they learn their top 5 strengths. I am never surprised to hear anyone’s strengths. Next we learn about the value of being positive and how to be a Daymaker. We learn how we can be the best part of a client’s day. Then we cover target markets and marketing. We encourage our team to be themselves. We have a very diverse group. Learning what a stylist’s target market is helps them learn to market themselves. We finish FOCUS with a refresher on customer service – concentrating on giving a great experience to every client every time they are in the salon. This 6 hour course is filled with education, inspiration and collaboration.

I recently invited my most senior team members to join our new Legacy Leaders group. The group is designed to give them a chance to share their collective experience with our newer talent. My goal is for us to work together to develop leadership and mentoring skills. I hope to challenge this team to stretch their boundaries and enhance their professional business development.

We plan to have formal meetings quarterly, but will have frequent check-ins on our progress. All Legacy Leaders will have the opportunity to be guest bloggers. We have set aside a bit of time in each week’s huddle for Legacy Leaders to present both best practices and nuggets from our book club.

I am looking forward to watching my senior team develop into even better leaders and role models.