Wedding Nails – Tips for the best Manicure!

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Wedding nails are important – you know you’ll be getting professional pictures of that gorgeous ring – so make sure your nails are perfectly prepped! Here are some tips from our Nail Techs to make sure you get the best wear out of your manicure!

  1. 1. Thinking about getting Acrylics or Gel enhancements? Make sure to go in a few times before the big day to get used to them. There’s nothing worse than a broken enhancement the morning of your wedding, or worse, ripping your dress with them! Getting them on for the first time is definitely a change so make sure to not have any surprises when getting ready for your big day!


  1. 2. Shape – if you are getting an enhancement – try an almond shape to avoid the aforementioned ripping of the dress! If you’ve had Enhancements for years ignore these first two steps – you know how the ins and outs!


  1. 3. Shellac or Gel Polish – if you’re going with a natural nail a Gel polish that cures under UV light will be your most worry free option. But again – if you’ve never had them before get them done once or twice before the big day so you know how long they last on you personally. They say it lasts up to 14 days. Up to being key word. Those of us with oilier nail beds might not last as long, and will come off in sheets after 5-6 days. (yes that’s me – I get mine to only last 6 days at most – but I’m told I Oily skin has less wrinkles, so win right?)


  1. 4. If want a basic manicure with a regular polish make sure to take home a sample bottle of your polish for touch ups just in case!


  1. 5. Choosing a color – Most women automatically think French Manicure when they think Wedding Nails. That’s not always the case! Pick one of your wedding colors if a French is not your thing! Or opt for a more trendy Ombre French, or even a nude color! All are on trend and photograph amazingly!


  1. 6. Are you looking for nail art? That’s another trial appointment we would recommend. Make sure your nail tech is comfortable with nail art and go over your options of types of polish!