We’ve been huddling! (Open Book Management in 2013)

In the Media

Open Book Management was recently featured on FOX News and we were so excited when it aired because 2013 is the year of Open Book Management here at Brown & DeLine! Each week we “huddle” to talk about ways in which we can raise the bar to be even better.  Topics discussed range from tracking social media, retail sales, product waste, energy, new clients, and even the “Brown & DeLine experience.”  Our huddles start with positivity and end with appreciations, and each member of our team is encouraged to join.  We adopted the huddle format from Zingerman’s after attending their ZingTrain classes.

What exactly is Open Book Management? Open Book Management is a way of teaching ALL employees the goals of the company and how they can make a difference.  Everyone is encouraged to be involved and together we work on building a better business. You may have already seem some changes around the salon. You can be a part of our Open Book Management by filling out a survey at the front desk or via email about your experience at Brown & DeLine.  Your voice matters!

Click on the link below to see what Zingerman’s does during their huddles!