What’s New, You Ask?

Brown and DeLine's Blog - A Little Off the Top

Fall is an exciting time in the beauty industry. We have a lot happening in the next few months.

September 19th is our Super Sunday! It is a great day to come celebrate our anniversary with us. We offer fantastic deals on retail, services and gift cards. We also offer a special gift for our clients. It is a day you won’t want to miss.

In early October, Brown and DeLine is off to the Tiffany Awards. Hair designers from around the Midwest compete for the prestigious “Hairdresser of the Year” award. Individual awards are also given in Avante Garde, Color, Women’s Editorial and Up-hair. New this year is the salon team award. Brown and DeLine designers came together to create an amazing collection for this part of the competition.

To complete the month of October, the team is off to the Grand Rapids hair show for education, inspiration and motivation! This jam-packed weekend is filled with industry experts from all over the world. The thrilling schedule of events starts at 8am and ends at 8pm. It is a fast and fierce event! I find this event to be captivating and energizing, to say the least.

I am extremely proud of my staff in their commitment to excellence and success.

The roots of true achievement lie in the will to become the best that you can be.