Women’s Only Triathlon

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Brown and DeLine participated in its first triathlon August 1st in Sylvania, Ohio. Jackie Gallinat and I, along with Pam Nitchie, Shirley Gallinat and Beth Ewald were a team. We spotted our clients Julie, Melissa, Sherry and Maura, all of whom successfully completed their races.

As a first-time triathlete, I was nervous and amazed at the events of the morning. Foremost, the most amazing and inspiring aspect of the event was the level of ‘girl power’. Women of all ages and sizes were there to complete their ‘bucket list’ goal. Some were there to finish first; some were there to just finish.

As I waited to enter the 1st part of the race-the swim-I watched 400 pink bathing caps together in the quarry. There was definitely an ‘anything is possible’ mood in the air.

After I transitioned to the 12-mile bike ride, I was inspired by the woman who’s age-74-was written boldly on her calf (just as all of ours were). As I was biking, I passed a woman on the side of the rode who was sobbing. I thought maybe she injured herself. Or maybe she was sad because she just couldn’t finish.

The last leg of the triathlon was the 5K. My close friend Pam Nitchie and I ran it together. As we came to the last mile, we compared ailments. We decided we were triathlon life partners. My foot was killing me and her right side was aching. But with each others’ support, we weren’t stopping! We were in it to win it!

As we crossed the finish line, we both had such a sense of accomplishment. We soon met up with Beth, Jackie and Shirley. We all hugged. We had done it!!

We had talked about this goal since February. So many of our teammates had dropped out, but we did it!

This accomplishment is shared among us 5, along with the other 400 participants. There is no comparison to this self-victory!

What I was reminded of is–If you believe you can, you can!

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